This is February, Right?

    As you read this, I am preparing the story board for the fourth issue of The Grapevine — that’s the official newsletter of the wine clubs of Vinesse — for 2008.

     About a week or week-and-a-half ago, most members received Issue No. 2 along with their club wines.

     Which means Issue No. 3 will be coming along in a few more weeks.

     Obviously, it takes more than a calendar to keep up with scheduling, print deadlines, shipping matters and so on. It requires a Daytimer or some other brand of “organizer.”

     In the world of publishing deadlines, I’m sometimes not sure what month it is, let alone what day of the week it is.

     Fortunately, I have daily postings here on to keep me in line.

     And this week, we have some very interesting news and information to share with you. A sneak peak, in no particular order…

     *** The next generation has been promoted at a prominent Oregon winery. We’ll tell you which winery and which members of that next generation are taking over operational duties.

     *** Could it be that some of the chemicals in wine are actually good for one’s teeth? We’ll share the results of a fascinating study on that topic.

     *** Numerous wineries find ways to “give back,” but few do it as well as Napa Valley’s Sterling Vineyards. We’ll take a look at how that winery’s annual summertime movie series benefits needy families in the valley.

     *** One impact of tougher immigration policies is a shortage of farm workers. The problem is spreading, and it’s now impacting grape growers. Is mechanical harvesting in just about every winery’s future?

    … and more.

     I hope you’ll log on each day this week to keep up to date on these and other topics in the wonderful world of wine. And if you’re a member of one of the Vinesse wine clubs, I can promise you some entertaining and informative stories in the next few newsletters.

     Which I’d better get back to work on now…

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