A Look at the Politics of Wine

   When it comes to the Presidential campaign, most people fall
into one of two camps: They’re getting energized behind a candidate about whom
they’re passionate, or they’re growing very tired of the whole elongated


     I guess I fall
somewhere in-between. I do have a particular candidate I’m supporting — at
least for now — but I’m also ready for a break from 24/7 politics on network and
cable news. And I’m REALLY ready for talk show hosts like Letterman and Leno to
get back to entertainment; I don’t need to see the candidates try to crack


     All of this comes
to mind because of the political situation in which the wine industry presently
is involved. Bet you didn’t know that there are still some states that restrict
the shipment of wine from outside their borders. It’s true.


     And I’ll bet you
also didn’t know that the main reason for these restrictions has to do with
politics. A handful of powerful liquor distributors with very deep pockets have
been lobbying hard to monopolize the distribution of wine in the states where
they do business.


     If that doesn’t
sound like the “American way” to you, you’re right. It certainly appears to be
an old-fashioned way of buying influence, and in some states, the politicians
are allowing themselves to be influenced to the detriment of wine lovers.


     Next weekend here
on VinesseTODAY.com, we’ll tell you which states have some of the most
draconian shipping laws… and exactly how much money distributors have “donated” to get and keep those laws on the books.


     Before that,
we’ll bring you some more pleasurable reading, including a report on the
comeback of Merlot, the revolution created 20 years ago by a group of
passionate vintners, the marriage of two prominent


wine events… and lots more.


     So be sure to log
on to VinesseTODAY.com everyday.

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