Wonderful Memories of 'Pizza Night'

    When I was growing up, Friday night was pizza night at the Johnson house.

     Both of my parents worked, but on most nights, Mom would continue working when she got home by fixing dinner. This was before supermarkets had so many “heat and serve” options in the deli. Every once in a while we’d get Hamburger Helper, but most of the time, we’d eat something that Mom made from scratch.

     Tuna and peas… meatloaf… broiled hamburgers… chicken noodle casserole. It was kind of like having Betty Crocker for a Mom.

     But once a week… and almost always on Friday night… we would have pizza from a small chain called Me ‘N Ed’s. Dad liked the Italian sausage they had there, so that was always one of the toppings. The others would vary, but the pizza was always delicious. My folks typically would have some beer to wash it down; I’d have a root beer.

     Good times. Great memories.

     Since I got into wine, I’ve enjoyed finding bottlings that match well with pizza. Turns out there are quite a few of them, even if the term “pizza wine” usually is uttered in a derogatory manner. Later this week, our “Cellar Notes by Katie” author will take a look at that topic in-depth (as in deep dish?) right here on VinesseTODAY.com. Don’t miss Katie’s pizza-and-wine insights.

     Also this week, we’ll take a look at a wine bottle shortage in Europe and a new wine bottle maker here in the States… how wineries are embracing the green movement even outside their vineyards… how to make a delicious sauteed trout dish… and more.

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