Plenty of Wine… Not Enough Bottles?

   A glass shortage has
been causing concern for the wine industry in



     The shortfall of
bottles has left some winemakers struggling to meet orders and, although glass
factories are working at full capacity, it’s not certain when the situation
will be resolved.


     The problem is an
amalgamation of several issues, according to Rebecca Cocking, recycling manager
at British Glass.


     “In the past few
years, several of the glass companies have merged and some lines were taken out
as there was overcapacity at one point,” she explained to ThirtyFifty.


     Then last year,
there were furnace rebuilds, and the fact that the harvest came early in parts

Europe impeded on stocks, she said. Price
increases also have exacerbated the situation.


     “The factories
are working toward building up stock levels,” Cocking added. “They work 24/7,
365 days a year anyway, so it’s now a case of playing catch-up.”

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