New Bottle Producer Takes a Green Approach

    Chairman of the Board Donald Cameron says producing glass bottles for the wine industry in an environmentally friendly way was an objective of Cameron Family Glass Packing in the
Port of

Washington, from the very beginning.

       “Our furnace, which is the largest electric glass furnace in the world, allows us to minimize the impact on the environment because there are no harmful emissions,” he explains. “By comparison, similar facilities operate furnaces that are powered by fossil fuel, which produce harmful greenhouse emissions and are subject to the ever-rising price of natural gas.”

       The company also will make recycling a top priority for the facility that’s now under construction. The wine bottles will be made at least in part from recycled glass from
Washington and

Oregon. Recycling programs will be launched in surrounding communities where glass is currently being dumped into landfills, and the company will even recycle all water used during the glass-making process.

       “Being environmentally conscious is an absolute priority for us,” remarked Cameron. “We’re on the cutting edge of what

America is trying to do now in being environmentally friendly.”

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