Great Wine Is Like Great Music

    Wine has been described as “bottled poetry.” I tend to think of it as music to my ears.

       Whether poetic or musical, wine is art. True, a lot of technology can go into 21st century winemaking, but the best bottlings continue to be made in limited quantities with hands-on care in the cellar.

       Further proof of wine’s designation as art comes from the way we perceive it. Or, more specifically, how our perception of it evolves over time.

       My early experience with wine involved a juicy, if somewhat chewy, steak at a national family steakhouse chain, accompanied by a glass of “Chablis.” Yes, white wine with red meat. But did I care? No. The wine was doing its job: taking a bit of the edge off of the day. Only later would I learn that the “Chablis” was not a fine wine from France, but rather a cheap, non-descript blend of minor grape varieties from the great Central Valley of California.

        I was 22 or 23 at the time. I would continue to drink
California “Chablis” and ”

Burgundy” for another seven or eight years before encountering my “epiphany wine” (another story for another day) and embarking on a combination avocation/vocation – the best kind of career one could ever hope for.

     In the ensuing years, I’ve been able to sample literally thousands of wines – hundreds of “types” from dozens of countries. The more I taste, the more my preferences evolve.

And that’s where the music connection comes in.

       Today, I enjoy genres of music that I never would have even listened to when I was dining on chewy steak and “Chablis.” By keeping an open mind, I’ve expanded my experiences, and nearly all of them have been positive.

       This weekend, try a type of wine you’ve never had before. It just may strike a very beautiful chord.

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