New Study Shows Wine Drinkers Are 'Overwhelmed'

    Lots of companies and industries use surveys to gather information about their customers and potential customers.

     In getting a handle on the public’s perceptions and preferences, the goals are obvious: to keep current customers happy, and to develop new customers.

     Constellation Wines U.S. has just released the results of perhaps the most comprehensive survey of wine drinkers – 10,000 of them – ever. The survey identified six basic categories of wine drinkers:

     * Enthusiasts

     * Satisfied Sippers

     * Savvy Shoppers

     * Traditionalists

     * Image Seekers

     * Overwhelmed

     And which category is the most populated, with 23 percent of those 10,000 surveyed?

     Those who describe themselves as overwhelmed!

     Here are a few factoids about these people…

     * Their feeling of being overwhelmed stems from the sheer volume of wine choices they encounter on store shelves.

     * They like to drink wine, but they don’t know what kind to buy and may make their selections based on eye-grabbing labels. (No wonder you see depictions of cute animals on so many wine labels.)

     * They’re very open to advice, but become frustrated when there’s nobody around the wine section to help them.

     * If the information they manage to soak in is confusing, they won’t buy anything at all.

     As I was reading through the litany of contributors to that feeling of being overwhelmed, I couldn’t help but think that Vinesse founder Martin Stewart Jr. was way ahead of his time when he founded American Cellars Wine Club.

     One of Martin’s goals from the get-go was to remove the “fear factor” from wine enjoyment. By selecting the wines to share with club members, enclosing detailed tasting notes with each wine shipped, and publishing a newsletter that stressed education and enjoyment, Martin made wine accessible to those whose eyes glaze over in supermarket wine sections.

     With that part of the wine drinking public satisfied, Martin then developed other clubs that, it turns out, address the desires of other segments. Who could argue that the Elevant Society does not appeal to enthusiasts and image seekers… or that the California Treasures Wine Club isn’t perfect for traditionalists… or that the Four Seasons Wine Club doesn’t meet the needs of savvy shoppers?

     If you’re already a member of one of the wine clubs of Vinesse, you understand what I’m talking about. If you’re not, take a few minutes to learn more about our clubs while you’re here on the website.

     I bet you’ll find a club that’s perfect for you – no matter what “type” of wine drinker you are.

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