New 'Mondavi' Wines Will Leave you Spellbound

    Imagine what it would be like to be a basketball player with Michael Jordan as your father.

     Or a football player with Brett Favre as your dad.

     Talk about high expectations…

     In the world of American winemaking, there is no more recognizable name than Mondavi. And Rob Mondavi – the son of Michael Mondavi and grandson of Robert Mondavi – fully understands the nature of this combination blessing and curse.

     On the one hand, he benefits from the experience of growing up in a family completely immersed in wine. On the other, making anything less than exceptional wine simply is not an option. The challenge for Rob was to honor the family name while finding his own niche.

     So, in 2003, Rob and wife Lydia partnered with Patti Romano-Hoffman to make their own wine under the Medusa label. That led to Rob and Paul Hoffman developing another brand, called Spellbound, that focuses on delicious wines that can be enjoyed on a regular basis.

     “We had been hearing friends say, ‘Where are those delicious wines we can drink everyday?’ In fact, we were guilty of saying it ourselves,” Rob recalls. “So we set out to create wines that are as comfortable watching the sunset as they are celebrating the milestones of our lives.”

     And they have been successful.

     Each Spellbound wine has its own unique personality, yet simultaneously honors the famous and revered Mondavi family name.

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