How About a Glass of Koshu With That Sushi?

    Global wine magnate Bernard Magrez will release the first wine from his joint venture with a Japanese winery, Decanter reports.

     The owner of Chateau Pape-Clement, who has 35 estates on four continents, is to sell Magrez-Aruga Koshu Isehara 2007 in markets including the U.S., France, Belgium and Switzerland, according to reports in Japan.

     The wine, made from the indigenous Koshu grape, is produced in partnership with Katsunuma Winery President Yuji Aruga.

     A champion of Koshu, Aruga makes a range of white wine styles with grapes grown in the Kofu basin, the historic center of Japanese wine production.

     Production of Magrez-Aruga will vary by vintage, with about 2,400 bottles available from 2007. Early reports suggest the wine has flavors of peach and grapefruit, and is being touted as a good match for a range of Japanese dishes.

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