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75 Years After the 'Repeal' of Prohibition

    The Specialty Wine Retailers Association (SWRA) commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition by sadly observing that very little has changed since the days of Prohibition, when a small syndicate of powerful men controlled the distribution of alcohol.

     SWRA believes that after 75 years, it’s time for changes in the alcohol distribution system that account for the needs of consumers, rather than a powerful set of special interests.

     At the height of Prohibition, a small syndicate of powerful and wealthy individuals controlled alcohol distribution across the…

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9 Facts About Winegrapes

    How many times have we heard that it takes great grapes to make great wine?

     That being the case, here are nine fascinating facts about winegrapes…

     1. The Chardonnay variety is a classic white wine grape. Its original fame comes from its success in the Burgundy and Champagne regions of France. Chardonnay takes oak well, and many higher…

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A Tuscany Institution Reinvents Itself

    Can a long-established winemaking family reinvent itself in order to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century?

     If the family is named Folonari, the answer is yes.

     In the latter part of 2000, the Folonaris completely revamped their company’s structure. Previously a single entity with extensive estate holdings in Tuscany, the family owned the Nozzole and…

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Passport to Sonoma Valley Just Weeks Away

   The Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Alliance has confirmed the participation of more than 40 wineries at this year’s Passport to Sonoma Valley, taking place May 17 and 18  from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at venues throughout the historic valley.

     Visitors to the valley-wide open house will be issued a “passport,” providing them unprecedented access to the wines and wineries of California’s oldest wine region, including special pricing, exclusive wine offers and internationally themed celebrations.
     As was the case last year, a portion of the Passport to Sonoma Valley proceeds will go to the SVVGA Scholarship Fund, which helps…

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