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New Cookbook Focuses on Food-and-Wine Pairing

    “Small Plates, Perfect Wines” — a new cookbook from Andrews McMeel Publishing, featuring mouthwatering recipes and wine pairing tips — is now on bookstore shelves and available to order online.

     Meze… tapas… antipasti… antojitos.

     No matter what you call them, small plates offer big flavor, and this is a style of dining and entertaining that has…

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'I'll Have Some Mellencamp With That Merlot'

    Last week, the BBC reported what we’ve been asserting for years: Playing a certain type of music can enhance the way wine tastes.

     The Heriot Watt University study found people rated the change in taste by up to 60 percent, depending on the melody heard.

     The researchers said Cabernet Sauvignon was most affected by “powerful and heavy” music, and Chardonnay by…

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The Benefits of Moderate Wine Consumption

***image3***     Yet another study has provided indications that the moderate consumption of wine can have health benefits.


     According to a study conducted at the



Hospital in

London, mild and moderate drinkers — defined as those who drink one to three glasses of wine per day — had a lower risk of developing an array of disorders often linked to the onset of diabetes and/or heart disease.


     Heavy drinkers — those drinking more than…

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A Vintage Experience in the Valley of the Moon

    To paraphrase a famous line from a famous war movie…

     “I love the smell of winegrapes in the morning.”

     Particularly during the harvest season.

     And you can experience that unique, addictive aroma if you head for California’s Sonoma Valley on…

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Head for California's Central Coast This July

    Here’s hoping you enjoyed a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend… and that you took at least a few moments to ponder the reason for the holiday.

     I took the day off — a rarity for your intrepid editor — and caught up with some reading while enjoying a couple glasses of wine (a nice, fruitful Chenin Blanc and a real mellow Merlot, if you must know).

     But now it’s back to “reality” — which, when one works in the world of wine — isn’t such a…

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Those Hazy, Lazy, Crazy Grilling Days of Summer

    Memorial Day marks the official beginning of America’s greatest pastime.

     No, not the baseball season. That started back when it was still snowing in some parts of the country.

     No, not football season. That happens closer to the end of the baseball season, when it’s…

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The Next-Best Thing to Drinking Wine…

    Napa’s main library has expanded its collection of wine- and hospitality- related books, periodicals and audio-visual materials, and it’s now housed in a special section on the main floor near the reference desk.

     Curator Helene Crane told the Napa Valley Register that she started gathering the books and other materials a few years ago and, with the assistance of Technical Services Librarian Anne Moya, finished organizing the collection in recent months.

     Included in the 1,000 volume collection are books and materials on all aspects of the wine industry, including viticulture, winemaking, wine education, the business of wine, wine in…

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Napa Continues to Push the 'Green' Envelope

    Napa Valley Vintners, a trade group for more than 300 local wineries, has launched a certification program for any Napa County winery that wants verification for its claims to being green.

     According to the North Bay Business Journal, this is part of a wider effort in business to be counted for practices and capital investments deemed to have a lighter or positive effect on the environment. It’s also meant to discount claims that such efforts are merely marketing, a tactic called “greenwashing.”

     Last week, the Napa Valley Vintners held its first workshop for the Napa Green Certified Winery program with…

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How Much Do You Know About Aussie Wine?

    Wine Australia has launched a website to challenge consumers to “show off their knowledge” of wine.

     The “Regional Heroes Tasting Challenge” is designed to help people discover more about wine and is described by the company as a “virtual wine tasting.”

     You pick a wine and try to select the appropriate characteristics to describe it from a range of options. You’ll receive a score and…

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Antinori's Large Following Gets Even Larger

    When one thinks of fine Italian wines, one of the first names that comes to mind is Antinori.

     Marchese Piero Antinori represents the 25th generation at the helm of the family’s esteemed vineyards.

     This noble Florentine family registered with the Guild of Winemakers in 1385, but it is the innovations made in the last 40 years that have brought the Antinori name to the forefront and…

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