Trentadue: Nearly 50 Years of Winegrowing Heritage

    Not quite 50 years ago, Leo and Evelyn Trentadue decided to move north from Santa Clara County to Sonoma County.

     Leo’s father had been traveling to Healdsburg each harvest season for decades to purchase grapes for his home winemaking hobby. So the Trentadues were well aware of the region’s dependability for producing high-quality fruit.

     They found and bought a ranch just south of Geyserville. It had 150 acres planted to plum trees and 60 acres of old Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Carignane grapevines.

     In 1960, they began to replace the plum trees with additional grapevines – some of the first planted since Prohibition – and continued to sell their fruit to local vintners. Nine years later, they started producing their own wines.

     Trentadue Winery remains 100 percent family owned today, and since 2001, winemaker Miroslav Tcholakov has been crafting a line of ultra-premium “Reserve” wines dubbed La Storia – one of which recently was featured by the Elevant Society.

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