How Much Do You Know About Aussie Wine?

    Wine Australia has launched a website to challenge consumers to “show off their knowledge” of wine.

     The “Regional Heroes Tasting Challenge” is designed to help people discover more about wine and is described by the company as a “virtual wine tasting.”

     You pick a wine and try to select the appropriate characteristics to describe it from a range of options. You’ll receive a score and tasting notes — plus the opportunity to try another wine or learn more about Australia’s wine regions.

     “The challenge is designed to build awareness of Australia’s wine regions and inform consumers about an Australian sense of place and particular flavor, or style of wine, from a region,” said AWBC’s manager of international marketing and communications, Lucy Anderson. “There are 20 wines to choose from, including a Tasmanian sparkling, Margaret River Cabernet and Rutherglen Fortified.”

     The company launched the challenge as an e-marketing campaign in the UK with more than 40,000 consumers receiving an “Australian wine” in their inbox. Recipients are then invited to take Australia’s wine tasting challenge with an opportunity to win an instant cellar of Australia’s regionally distinct wines, the company said.

     The most popular wines to date include Clare Valley Riesling, Barossa Valley Shiraz and Hunter Valley Semillon.

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