The Next-Best Thing to Drinking Wine…

    Napa’s main library has expanded its collection of wine- and hospitality-related books, periodicals and audio-visual materials, and it’s now housed in a special section on the main floor near the reference desk.

     Curator Helene Crane told the Napa Valley Register that she started gathering the books and other materials a few years ago and, with the assistance of Technical Services Librarian Anne Moya, finished organizing the collection in recent months.

     Included in the 1,000 volume collection are books and materials on all aspects of the wine industry, including viticulture, winemaking, wine education, the business of wine, wine in other countries, biographies of industry personalities, winery design and numerous scientific studies from Australia, along with various consumer-oriented books.

     Also available are books on restaurant, bar and hotel management, wine and food service, catering and even bed and breakfast management.

     Videos, DVDs and CD-Roms on various wine and hospitality topics are also in the collection and are quite popular, Crane said.

     “We’re not in competition with St. Helena,” she said, referring to the Wine Library housed in the St. Helena Public Library. “We don’t have the historical material they have.”

     But, she said, there is still plenty of information available for people who want to get a job in the wine or hospitality business.

     Current issues of about a dozen wine-related periodicals are available for reading at the library, but Crane said the magazine collection has been bar-coded so patrons can now check out back issues.

     The identification labels on the books carry the necessary numbers so they can be found easily, but they also feature a small cartoon-like sticker showing a wine bottle, a glass and some cheese.

     Crane hopes to grow the collection and said donations of books on wine and hospitality-related subjects in good condition are welcomed. They can be dropped off at the reference desk. Mention that they’re for the Wine and Hospitality collection and they’ll be directed to Crane.

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