Wine and Soda? When in Buenos Aires…

    Wine purists scoff at “wine drinks,” asserting that such concoctions are insults to the vintners who made the wine utilized.

     We’d probably join in the scoffing if the wine were Dom Perignon or Chateau Petrus, but we see no reason why a simple table wine couldn’t be “dressed up” a bit. And that’s why we give high marks to the 647 Dinner Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

     There, one of the refreshing (and tasty) drinks marries a local Malbec and soda.

     But the specialty of the house is named for the house: A drink known as the 647 is a blend of Rose, Port and spiced plum juice.

     P.S.: The food is great, too. Among the more adventurous dishes is mascarpone and pea risotto with pistachio pesto. (And it matches beautifully with the aforementioned Malbec and soda.)

     Phone: 54-11-4331-3026.

Posted in Food and Wine Pairings/Recipes
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