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Will Prosecco One Day Overtake Champagne?

    Gianluca Bisol has great expectations for the white sparkling wine his family has been making since 1542 in the Valdobbiadene and Conegliano regions north of Venice.

     A 22nd-generation Prosecco producer, he is hoping Prosecco’s growing international renown will help his fizz gain ground over pricier Champagne. Prosecco production has grown to 150 million bottles from 5 million a year in 40 years, mainly driven by demand for exports to Germany and the United States.

     Now, its makers aim to increase production to 250 million bottles, moving it closer to the world’s leading bubbly. France last year produced a…

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Sterling Works to Create 15 Miles of Trails in Napa

    Sterling Vineyards has donated $30,000 to the Land Trust of Napa County through the sale of its premium 2004 Napa Valley Wildlake Ranch Merlot.

     In addition, Sterling has announced the release of the 2005 vintage, benefiting the Land Trust’s preservation of the Duff and Wildlake Ranch properties in the eastern viewshed of the Napa Valley.


     The Land Trust of Napa County, spearheaded by the efforts of vintner Randy Dunn, was able to acquire the…

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Updated Website Provides Safe Drinking Tips

    Beam Global Spirits & Wine is taking its “drink smart” website global with the launch of a redesigned, multi-lingual site at

     Now available in German, Spanish, French and English, the site offers a platform for consumers to learn about the responsible consumption of alcohol.

     The updated website was designed to educate legal purchase age consumers across the globe on how to make responsible decisions when…

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News and Notes for a Summer Monday…

     *** Sorry to hear about the passing of Bob Kunde, the patriarch of Kunde Estate Winery & Vineyards in Kenwood, Calif. That Sonoma Valley estate has long produced one of my favorite bottlings of Chardonnay. Bob had been retired for several years, but remained a valuable resource to the family winery. He was 80.

     *** You have only a few more days to check out the gorgeous watercolor paintings of Sally Cataldo at the Graeser Winery in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga. You may have seen her work on a number of posters for the Sonoma County Harvest Fair through the years. Cataldo’s work will be on display at Graeser just through the end of the month, so if you’re in or heading for the valley this weekend, check it out.

     *** We’ll be adding more video on wine-related topics to this site soon. So, if you prefer watching to…

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