Fire Up the Grill… and Do It in Style!

    Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans will consume 7 billion hot dogs.

     That’s 7 billion… with a B.

     Or, to put it another way, that’s 818 hot dogs per second.

     Needless to say, there’s a lot of grilling going on during the warm months, and hot dogs represent just a fraction of the bounty that finds its way onto grills. And in the American tradition of entrepreneurship, if an activity (such as grilling) becomes popular, associated gadgets are sure to follow.

     If you’ll be donning an apron this summer, here is some “optional equipment” you may want to check out…

     *** Double-tined skewers. These provide the best stability when moving from kitchen to grill.

     *** Griddles or grill platters. These focus the high heat on a flat surface, which makes for fabulous fish and steak searing.

     *** Instant-read thermometer. Essential for food safety and maximum flavor. Avoid the plastic models; they can melt.

     *** 18-inch tongs. When you use a fork to flip the meat, you allow tasty juices to escape. We like long tongs because they keep hands and faces farther away from the heat.

    *** Offset spatula. The best have a thin – but sturdy – blade that allows for easy sliding between the grill and food, and a long handle.

     *** Smoking cans and boxes. The cans come filled with wood chips that release flavorful smoke as they heat on the grill. The box is designed to have soaked wood chips added to it before it’s nestled in the fire.

     *** Cedar planks. Soak these slabs of wood in water, juice or wine, then set them directly on the grill. Great for subtly smoking fish or chicken.

     For more grilling tips, visit these helpful Web sites:

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