Sterling Works to Create 15 Miles of Trails in Napa

    Sterling Vineyards has donated $30,000 to the Land Trust of Napa County through the sale of its premium 2004 Napa Valley Wildlake Ranch Merlot.

     In addition, Sterling has announced the release of the 2005 vintage, benefiting the Land Trust’s preservation of the Duff and Wildlake Ranch properties in the eastern viewshed of the Napa Valley.


     The Land Trust of Napa County, spearheaded by the efforts of vintner Randy Dunn, was able to acquire the Wildlake Ranch property in July of 2006, and is in the middle of a campaign to also secure the Duff property in 2008.

     When combined, the Duff and Wildlake Ranch properties will connect to Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, creating a 10,000-acre suite of property with 15 miles of public access trails — one of the largest and most significant undeveloped, pristine and natural properties in Napa Valley.

     “The Sterling Vineyards donation is emblematic of the support that the Napa Valley Wild Campaign has received from Napa’s agricultural community,” John Hoffnagle, executive director of the Land Trust, told the Napa Valley Register.

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