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Wine & Worthy Causes Go Hand-in-Hand

    Legislation authored by Assemblymember Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) to help non-profit organizations organize fundraising events with wine donated from California’s wine industry has been signed into law.

     “Californians have a generous spirit and a love of wine,” said Evans. “With so much need in our state, we need to expand partnerships between non-profits and their supporters in the wine industry. The Governor’s signature of this bill enables the wine industry to be even more generous in its support of many worthy causes.”

     “AB 1964 recognizes the relationship between non-profit organizations and the wine industry, and enables non-profits to raise badly-needed funds at times when other potential sources may not be…

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It's Official: It's Okay to Say 'Prosecco'

    Is it acceptable to serve edamame to a dinner guest who’s a pescatarian?

     Should you pour prosecco or soju for the winner of the Texas Hold ’em game you’re planning near the infinity pool?

     And what’s that wing nut in the corner saying about dirty bombs and…

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Clos LaChance Founder to Assist U.C. Davis

    Bill Murphy, co-founder and owner of Clos LaChance Winery, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Visitors and Fellows at U.C. Davis’ Department of Viticulture & Enology.

     As Chairman, Murphy will lead a talented group of board members who represent the wine industry community, including vintners, wine growers, business leaders, finance executives and researchers.

     This board plays an integral role in helping the university raise funds and build new teaching and research facilities for the Department of Viticulture & Enology. Board members also serve as…

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State Fair Honors 3 Pioneering Winemakers

    The California Exposition and State Fair has named three wine pioneers to receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

     Mike Grgich, Warren Winiarski and Mary Ann Graf were chosen as the 2008 recipients based on their outstanding lifetime of contributions to the California wine industry.

     The three winners were recognized for their achievements at the California Grape and Gourmet food and wine tasting event at Cal Expo on July 10, California Farmer reports. Appropriately, the California Grape and…

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