Bordeaux Puts the Focus on Quality

    Vintners in the Bordeaux region of France understand that a big part of their success is based on their credibility.

     That’s why they are embracing a new quality control system that takes the testing of the region’s wines out of their hands (the Institut National de l’Origine) and places it in the hands of an independent organization.

     “Before, there was always a risk that the samples presented were not necessarily what was in the bottle,” a French vintner told Decanter.

     Other vintners also applauded the change, although one offered a word of caution: “The idea is good, but it will only be validated if it succeeds in sorting bad wines from good.”

    Thus far, the only challenge has involved the new inspection firm, Quali-Bordeaux, being able to keep up with the transition. Reportedly, the company has been fielding more than 100 phone calls per day.


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