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Dry Creek Valley Harvest Report: Quality High, Yield Low

    The Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley are about mid-way through the 2008 harvest. From all accounts, it has been a wild but ultimately rewarding ride through a challenging growing season.

     “We experienced the worst frost season in many decades and a very dry spring,” said Duff Bevill, past president of the WDCV and owner of Bevill Vineyard Management LLC.

     After the rains stopped in March, the ground warmed quickly and the vine shoots were branching out when the extended frosts hit in April, affecting many vineyards that had…

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The Passing of a Winemaking Legend… and Mentor

    When your obituary appears in the New York Times, chances are you made some sort of impact during your lifetime.

     Mark Miller made a huge impact on winemaking in the Hudson River region of New  York. You can read about that in the Times’ obituary on Miller that appears below.

     He also made a big impact on me — in my decision to write about wine for a living, and in my understanding of the…

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Basil Bliss… in Pesto and Burgers

   Remember when Simon and Garfunkel sang about “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme”?

     Of course, you do. But we have one question regarding those famous lyrics: What about basil?

     After all, is there any food “condiment” more simple to make and yet more enjoyable than pesto? Simply combine…

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10 Wines for Your Home Wine Rack

    Many of us don’t have room in our homes for big, temperature-controlled wine cabinets.

     Particularly among apartment or condo dwellers – or families that are downsizing their homes as their kids go off to college or get married – space can be at a premium.

     During the past year, we received countless emails and phone calls from members regarding what kind of wines they should have on hand when…

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