Meet the Real Bo Barrett

     If you’ve had the opportunity to see the movie “Bottle Shock,” you were introduced to a somewhat “Hollywood-ized” version of vintner Bo Barrett of Chateau Montelena.

     And a very young Bo Barrett, at that.

     In the movie (and in real life), Barrett is the son of Chateau Montelena’s founder. Now, Bo is the man in charge of the estate.

     He has a lot less hair (don’t most of us of a certain age!), but his passion for wine and winemaking remains.

     In this video, he talks about how cool the lifestyle is, noting that one can be driving a tractor one moment, and then wearing a tux a few hours later. Check it out.

     P.S.: If you missed our review of “Bottle Shock,” visit the Editor’s Journal archives.

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