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Ventura County Expands Wine Tasting Opportunities

    I’ve often said that “wine country” is where you find it.

     It’s not limited to California’s Napa Valley or France’s Bordeaux region, or Tuscany in Italy.

     “Wine country” is anyplace grapes are grown with the express purpose of making wine.

     And that includes our own backyard here at… cuisine, utilizing California’s local produce.


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The Wine Country Lifestyle: Expensive

    The price of a residential piece of real estate may be falling, but you’d never know it out among the vines in California’s Napa Valley.

     The demand for Napa County vineyard land is strong, and the future looks even brighter, according to industry observers.

     David Freed is chairman of UCC Vineyards Group, a firm that specializes in vineyard property sales and owns vineyards from the Sacramento Delta to Santa Barbara. He told the St. Helena Star that he can look back at…

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Petroleum Prices Impact Grape Growers

    At Lange Twins Winery & Vineyards, the family is seeing their business fuel costs soar from about $250,000 four years ago to more than $1 million by the end of this season, Wine Business reports.

     “Our pricing for the product we grow isn’t going up, so we’re absorbing the additional costs when our margins are already thin,” said Randall Lange, who owns the vineyards over a four-county area in Northern California with his twin brother Brad and their wives. Their children own the winery.

     Many petroleum- and mineral-based fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides also have more than…

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Vine Fungus Afflicts Up to 20 Percent of French Vineyards

    A fatal fungus that attacks grapevines is becoming increasingly prevalent across the wine regions of Bordeaux, Gascony and the Charente, Decanter reports.

     The disease, a fungus called Esca (known more commonly as vine measles, or vine cancer), attacks the woody parts of the vine, eventually killing the entire plant.

     Very little is known about its origin, how it spreads, or its likely progression. Although it affects vines all over the world, this year there has…

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