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What to Drink With That Leftover Candy

    Chances are you’re not going to pass out all of the candy you bought for tonight’s trick-or-treaters.

     That may be just the way it is… or by design.

     And we wouldn’t put it past you to sneak a…

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Fetzer Switches to Lighter Glass for Wine Bottles

    Fetzer Vineyards, one of the largest U.S. wineries, will “lightweight” its entire line of wines to reduce its environmental footprint, continuing the winery’s more than 20-year history of environmental responsibility.

     On an average annual basis, the new bottles will reduce glass usage by 16% (more than 2,100 tons) and supply chain greenhouse gas emissions (or carbon footprint) associated with glass bottles by 14% (3,000 tons of CO2e).

     This is equivalent to planting 70,000 trees and…

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New Zealand Harvest Results Are In

    The Wairarapa grape harvest in New Zealand outstripped last year’s vintage by 111 percent, despite a drought.

     According to the Marlborough Express, a total of 4,100 tons of fruit was picked, compared with just 1,950 tons in 2007.

     Nationally, 285,000 tons of grapes were harvested this season, with the Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay regions the only…

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California Harvest: Light in Tonnage, High in Quality

    Winegrape harvest in California vineyards has nearly ended, and growers report a much lighter crop this year, according to the California Farm Bureau.

     They’re also seeing high quality — small, tight berries they hope will impart especially good flavor and color to finished wines — and they’re seeing strong demand.

     Allied Grape Growers, which represents about 500 farmers in the state’s main winegrape regions, said the strong demand has fueled an increase in grape prices. In most areas of the state, prices rose…

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The Smorgasbord Approach to Wine

    I once read that the typical American consumes (inhales?) as many calories in two days – specifically, Thanksgiving Day and Super Bowl Sunday – as he or she would in a typical week.

     That’s amazing. And it’s not likely to change anytime soon, as those are two of the most important dates on the calendar for getting together with family and friends. We can make excuses the rest of the year, but come Turkey Day, in particular, the only place to be is “home.” And home is where we tend to stay at the table longer.

     Every year about this time, we start getting questions from club members about which type of wine one…

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Fish and Wine With a Bit of a Kick

    Try this tasty dish with Pinot Grigio, Gewurztraminer or Sauvignon Blanc. (Note: Any firm white fish will work, but we like halibut best.)



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Tuscan-Style Roasted Game Hens

If you’re looking for a change from turkey or ham this holiday season,
try this easy-to-prepare dish that matches well with both white and red
wines. It serves 6…

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For the Seghesio Family Quality Is Job 1

    “Growing smaller” would seem to be an illogical concept, but it has made perfect sense for the Seghesio family of Sonoma County.

     The Seghesio winemaking story began in 1886 when Edoardo Seghesio left behind his family’s vineyards in Piedmonte, Italy, seeking a better way of life in America.

     Edoardo had heard about the Italian Swiss Colony in northern California, and decided that would be his initial destination. The Colony offered immigrants room and…

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Perfect Pairings for the Final Picnic of the Season

    In some parts of the country, any time of the year is a good time for a picnic.

     In most locales, however, not much of the picnic season remains. That means it’s time to gather the wicker basket, red-and-white checkerboard tablecloth, cooler, plastic utensils and sun block, and start planning a trip to your favorite park, beach or other outdoor destination.

     And if your picnic place allows you to…

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Would You Like Some Wine With That Massage?

    There’s a lot to love about The Meritage Resort in the town of Napa.

     The Sienna Restaurant. The Trinitas Tasting Room. The Meritage Bar. Exceptional concierge service.

     And then there’s the piece de resistance – a French term we…

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