Fetzer Switches to Lighter Glass for Wine Bottles

    Fetzer Vineyards, one of the largest U.S. wineries, will “lightweight” its entire line of wines to reduce its environmental footprint, continuing the winery’s more than 20-year history of environmental responsibility.

     On an average annual basis, the new bottles will reduce glass usage by 16% (more than 2,100 tons) and supply chain greenhouse gas emissions (or carbon footprint) associated with glass bottles by 14% (3,000 tons of CO2e).

     This is equivalent to planting 70,000 trees and growing them for ten years, or nearly tripling the number of trees planted in New York’s Central Park.

     The change in Fetzer’s wine bottles will continue with both 750-ml. and 1.5-liter sizes and all varietals. On average, Fetzer’s bottles will move from 20.3 oz. to 17 oz.

     In all, more than 23 million bottles of wine will be replaced with the environmentally friendlier package.

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