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Here's Your Chance to Get in the Wine Biz

    Kirkland Ranch Winery, a large winery southeast of Napa that was involved in the nearly $60 million reorganization of Viansa Italian Marketplace & Winery, is being offered for sale in a sealed-bid auction in early December.

     According to the North Bay Business Journal, Kirkland Knightsbridge LLC wants a minimum bid of $22 million for the 10-year-old, 57,000-square-foot winery. That’s less than half the $50 million value estimated for the property in mid-2007 reorganization court documents for…

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Leafroll Viruses No Longer Limited to California Vineyards

    The presence of grapevine leafroll viruses in California vineyards is well known, but the extent that vineyards in other parts of the country may be affected is only beginning to be determined, according to Wines & Vines.

     Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension recently released the results of a survey that began in 2006, designed to gather data about the presence of leafroll viruses in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

     The New York survey looked at 95 vineyard blocks in 25 different vineyards throughout the Finger Lakes region. Up to…

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New Reality TV Show to Focus on Winemaking

    Cotes du Rhone, the second largest Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) wine region in France, has announced its sponsorship of “The Wine Makers,” a new reality series from PBS. The series is slated to debut in early 2009.

     “The Wine Makers” auditioned more than 500 candidates from across America to select 12 men and women who will compete for the chance to create and launch their own…

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A Thanksgiving Day Story of Giving… and Thanks

    Some people make fun of the annual Napa Valley wine auction, calling it an exercise in excess.

     Well, it may be that… but it also generates millions of dollars that are donated to charitable causes for the betterment of the valley’s communities and people.

     Just a few days ago, the Napa Valley Vintners awarded $7.26 million in grants, distributing the proceeds of this year’s Auction Napa Valley to…

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