Medoc Vineyard Earns Special Certificate

    The Medoc’s largest vineyard has won a special certificate that honors more than a decade of work toward durable development in winemaking, Reuters reports.

     The 556-acre Chateau Larose Trintaudon at Saint-Laurent-Medoc, in the area close to Bordeaux, is the first French wine house to get the certificate with the not-so-catchy name of AFAQ 1000 NT, level 3.

     “Larose Trintaudon has been committed to durable development since 1999,” said Brice Amouroux, Larose’s secretary-general.

     “That has taken us to new working methods, especially in our use of natural resources, the way we deal with waste, improvement of the working conditions, the way we sell our products and the transparency of what we do,” he added.

     The award may be new, but it is part of a growing trend for environmental winemaking in France, driven by a traditional respect for nature and increasing consumer awareness.

Posted in Wine and the Environment
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