Getting Ready for Turkey Day

   If you are cooking for 10 this coming Thursday, it’s going to cost you $2.35 more than last year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

     If you’d care to put a positive spin on that news, the average cost per person will be up a mere 23-and-a-half cents.

     Here’s how the costs stack up…

* 16-lb. turkey — $19.09, up $1.46

* Cube stuffing (14-oz.) — $2.57, up 17 cents

* Pumpkin pie mix (30-oz.) — $2.34, up 21 cents

* Two pie shells — $2.26, up 18 cents

* Sweet potatoes (3-lbs.) — $3.12, up 4 cents

* A dozen rolls — $2.20, up 31 cents

* Green peas (1-lb.) — $1.58, up 12 cents

* Relish tray (1-lb. of carrots and celery) — 82 cents, up 16 cents

* Whole milk (1-gal.) — $3.78, down 10 cents

* Fresh cranberries (12-oz.) — $2.46, up 26 cents

* Cream (half-pint) — $1.70, up 14 cents

* Miscellaneous ingredients (onions, eggs, sugar, flour) — $2.69, down 60 cents

     Of course, if you watch your supermarket flyers and advertisements, and use manufacturers’ coupons whenever possible, you could actually spend less on your Thanksgiving dinner than you did last year.

     And that would be a real reason to celebrate… with a glass or two of your favorite wine, of course.

     This may be Thanksgiving week, but we’ll be here everyday, providing you with your daily dose of wine news. Be sure to stop by on Thursday, when we’ll bring you a very special story of giving… and thanks.

     Meanwhile, enjoy your week.

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