Web site for Responsible Drinking Is Launched

    Diageo, a global spirits, wine and beer company, is launching a website designed to promote responsible drinking worldwide.

     DRINKiQ.com is a global resource for all interested parties to share programs and tools designed to fight alcohol misuse and help individuals make responsible choices about drinking — or not drinking. Diageo has a history of promoting responsibility, and DRINKiQ.com is the next step in that global effort.

     “There are many valuable initiatives that exist to address the issue of alcohol abuse, and DRINKiQ.com supports these efforts by showcasing them to the community and connecting them with like-minded individuals and groups,” says Carolyn Panzer, Global Director, Alcohol and Responsibility, for Diageo.


     Through its design, visitors to the site can provide information to post on DRINKiQ.com. The site also features tools such as videos of experts answering commonly asked questions about alcohol issues, information on how to responsibly host events and parties, and other downloadable resources.

     “What sets DRINKiQ.com apart is its ability to provide visitors with a forum in which they can engage in a conversation with people who share their interest in responsible drinking,” Panzer told Beverage World.


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