How to 'Talk Wine' Like the Pros

    So, you want to sound like a wine expert, eh?

     Short of memorizing each and every word of The Grapevine (official publication of the wine clubs of Vinesse), what’s an oenophile-in-training to do?

     We’d suggest picking up a copy of “The Wine Snob’s Dictionary,” a breezy 111-page book written by David Kamp and David Lynch.

     The book’s sub-title gives you an idea of what to expect: “An Essential Lexicon of Oenological Knowledge.”

     The authors provide a wealth of easy-to-digest information that’s certain to come in handy at your next wine-and-cheese party.

     An example: If you’ve been pronouncing Bollinger Champagne as if it were a container for cereal that somehow sustained an “owee,” you’ll learn that the correct pronunciation is Boh-la-Zhay.

     Another: “Monople” is not the French spelling of a popular board game, but rather a small vineyard (typically in France’s Burgundy region) that is controlled by a single owner.

     Published by Broadway Books, “The Wine Snob’s Dictionary” retails for $12.95.

     Tomorrow: More wine books for passing the time on cold winter nights (and days).



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