Training Tomorrow's Tasting Room Personnel

     The publisher of Vineyard & Winery Management magazine has announced an agreement with Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Program that is expected to enrich the educational experience of students seeking a Tasting Room Management Certificate.

     The cooperative marketing pact provides students with academic credits for attending two of the magazine’s wine-business educational events, including the Tasting Room Profitability Conference & Trade Show, presented once each year in Northern California.

     “The local wine industry has been asking us to develop a tasting room management program for a long time,” said Dr. Linda Nowak, the director of Sonoma State’s Wine Business Program, “so we are excited about augmenting it with the accelerated learning offered at the… Tasting Room Profitability Conference.”

     Students in the Tasting Room Management program receive training in the areas of direct shipping, staffing, sales and marketing, database management, budgeting, customer relations and more.

     “The partnership between Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Program and Vineyard & Winery Management magazine will provide great value to the wine industry,” said Dr. William S. Silver, dean of the SSU School of Business and Economics. “Together, we are developing new professional development programs focused on teaching the best wine business practices and strategies.”


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