Raise a Glass of 'Obama' Brut

    The United States of America gets a new President tomorrow. Regardless of political party affiliation, all of my friends agree on one thing: We hope he’s a great one.

     It seems as if everyone is getting involved in the spirit and, at least to some degree, the commercialization of the inauguration.

     Take the M. Lawrence winery in Michigan, as an example. It has concocted a non-vintage Brut sparkling wine just for the occasion, and named it “Obama.”

     In Washington, D.C., the OYA Restaurant and Lounge is pouring “Obama” Brut, while supplies last.

     It also has brought in two wines from Obama’s most recent home state of Illinois, one from Lynfred Winery and one from Galena Cellars.

     And to accompany the wines, OYA has added something called Spam sushi to its menu.

     I thought about calling the restaurant to inquire about this…. unique… entree, but it was too close to my own dinner time, so I decided to pass.

     But I’m guessing it would match up pretty well with the “Obama” Brut.

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