Lessons From Our Fathers… and Their Doctors

    During the 17th century, there lived a very trusted man of medicine named Dr. Duchesne.

     How trusted was he?

     Well, he served as the physician to King Louis XIV.

     There weren’t many more important people in the entire world at the time.

     Of course, kings come and go, but Dr. Duchesne lived to the ripe old age of 91 – about three times longer than most folks.

     How did he do it? What kept him going for so long?

     The good doctor claimed there were two key factors:

     1. He ate salad every night.

     2. He drank only Champagne.

     We’re not sure whether it was the wine or the bubbles… and Sauvignon Blanc certainly would have been a better match for the salad… but who are we to argue with such longevity success?

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