Wine Appreciation Returns to the White House

  The wine world is raising a glass to President Barack Obama as he gets settled in the White House, hoping his enjoyment of U.S. wine will impact Americans’ drinking habits.

     According to Reuters, U.S. wine producers could hardly contain their glee upon learning that the Obamas’ Chicago home was equipped with four fireplaces — and a wine cellar that reportedly holds up to 1,000 bottles.

     “I can’t help but think, after eight years of no wine drinkers in the White House, that (Obama) will have a felicitous effect on Americans’ drinking habits,” John Gillespie, head of the Wine Market Council, told the 2009 Wine Market Council Research Conference in New York.

     Outgoing President George W. Bush gave up alcohol more than 20 years ago.

     The White House has no official wine cellar, but wines are chosen by a small team for specific events, based on their affinity with the menu as well as politically correct pairing, depending on the guests in attendance.

     But all wines served at state dinners are American.

     President Lyndon Johnson decreed only American wines should be served at White House state dinners, and it has stayed the same ever since — although President Richard Nixon reportedly had his beloved Chateau Margaux secretly poured.

     The contents of Obama’s own wine cellar remain unknown.

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