Aussies Hope Education Will Spike Sales

    A new marketing idea to boost overseas wine sales will fly international students and wine sellers to Australia.

     Aussie exports plunged last year by 11 percent to about 700 million liters.

     In response, Wine Australia has launched an education program which includes bringing 12 international sommeliers to South Australia for a week-long tutorial. The Australian wine marketing body also will fund eight students from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust to visit wine regions Down Under.

     General Manager Paul Henry said it’s a new tactic for Wine Australia. “You can’t conquer markets just by pouring wine,” he opined.

     “You have to engage people and you have to give them some background, and we think that education is actually the most important sales tool we have. So we’ve launched what I think is a really innovative online education program which is also available through an interactive DVD.”

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