Topolos Family Sells Russian River Estate

    Topolos Russian River Vineyards — including a winery, vineyards, tasting room and restaurant — has been sold for $3 million, the San Francisco Business Journal reports.

     Sonoma’s Blakeslee & Crain Vineyard Advisors and Brokers said it arranged for the sale of the Topolos property to Baltimore real estate investor Chris O’Neill and local grape grower Art Ibleto.

     The sellers were longtime owners Jerry and Christine Topolos, said Michael Crain, one of the partners in Blakeslee & Crain.

     Crain said the deal was “complicated,” and that the title won’t transfer for two to three months, even though the new owners have taken possession of the property and “all financial responsibility of ownership.”

     The 12-acre property includes nine acres of planted vineyard, a 20,000-case winery permit and winemaking facility, a 160-seat restaurant, a tasting room and “sought after permits” for tours and public events, according to Blakeslee & Crain.

     “I was a guy from Baltimore thinking I’d like to get into the wine business,” O’Neill said, adding that the process of locating the right property took less than a year from start to finish.

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