Washington Gets a New Wine District

    A Yakima County grape growing region in Outlook, Washington, has received federal approval to become an official American Viticultural Area, MSNBC reports.

     Todd Newhouse, who owns Upland Estates Winery, filed the application to make Snipes Mountain and Harrison Hill an AVA in 2006.

     The 20 wineries that use grapes grown in the area henceforth can put this name on their labels.

     Grapes have been grown on Snipes Mountain for a long time because of the climate.

     “[The climate] really made this a place that [people] thought wine grapes could grow,” Newhouse said. “They were right, because we grow some good wines to this day here.”

     Newhouse added that he does not think the new AVA will have a huge impact on business, but said it will be a source of pride.

     Snipes Mountain will be the second-smallest AVA in Washington. The new designation takes effect today.

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