Pinot Noir Festival Is a Great Getaway

    When I want to get away from it all… and I mean REALLY get away from it all, I head up the California coast and then, once I get to Mendocino, I head inland.

     That’s the round-about way of getting to the Anderson Valley, California’s most beautiful winegrowing region.

     There is the natural beauty, of course, but there also is the beauty of the people. For the most part, the winery owners also are the grape growers and the winemakers — and many of them also “staff” the tasting rooms — some elaborate, like you’d see in the Napa Valley, and some little more than corners of barns.

     The main route through the Anderson Valley is the proverbial road less traveled. Except, that is, at festival time. But even then, there’s something to be said about sharing the roads and the tasting rooms with like-minded people — people who love beautiful scenery and great wine.

     With all of that in mind, I’d like to share the press release I just received about one of Anderson Valley’s wonderful annual events. If you’d like to get away from it all for a few days, I can think of no better destination.


     Tickets are now on sale for the 12th annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival — a celebration of the richness and diversity of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, scheduled for May 15-17.

     Enjoy world-class wines, local culinary delights and engaging local artists and entertainers during this weekend-long festival, which includes a technical conference, casual barbecue, grand tasting, winemaker dinners, and winery open houses.

     This is one of the region’s most eagerly anticipated wine and food events, and tickets sell out every year, so make your reservations now at

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