The 'Next Big Thing' Is Your Next Club Shipment

*     Humans are an impatient lot.

     Just when we get what we want, we start looking for something else… something “better.”

     It might be the type of car we have. Or the size of our house.

     Instead of being satisfied with and grateful for what we have, we are constantly in search of “the next big thing.”

     And so it is in wine.

     So I’m always amused when I see a headline or read an article touting “the next big thing” in wine.

     Just the other day, that very phrase was used in a headline atop a blog on the Wine Enthusiast Web site. The headline read:

     “The Next Big Thing for Wine? The Languedoc”

     Here’s an excerpt from the posting, written by Lauren Buzzeo…


     So, when you’re tired of drinking the same Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, South African Pinotage, or Argentinean Malbec, where do you turn to next? The answer, my friends, lies in the largest wine-producing region in the world: Languedoc-Roussillon. With more than one-third of France’s total wine production coming from the region, it is truly amazing that more people don’t know about the fantastic and widely varying wines of the Sud de France.


     Actually, I have no bone to pick with Ms. Buzzeo. It IS amazing that more folks aren’t aware of the great wines of the Languedoc, as the Languedoc-Roussillon is now known.

     But those unaware folks have only themselves to blame.

     I’ve been with the wine clubs of Vinesse for a long time now — more than a decade, in fact — and from the company’s earliest days, it has been championing little known wine varieties and little known wine regions.

     Before Australia wines became all the rage, Vinesse was featuring them. Ditto for the wines of Argentina and Chile.

     And, yes, of the Languedoc.

     I’m proud that Vinesse doesn’t wait for “the next big thing” to arrive; Vinesse paves the way.

     But it’s not about embracing “the next big thing.”

     What it’s about, very simply, is bringing members great wines — whether they’re from Santa Barbara or Sicily… Lake County or the Languedoc.

     To us, “the next big thing” is what you’ll find in your next club shipment.

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