BYOBing in L.A.

    QUESTION: We’re going to Santa Barbara wine country this April, and then will be spending a week in the Los Angeles area. Can you recommend a couple of L.A. restaurants where we could bring in a few bottles that we plan to buy in Santa Barbara?

     ANSWER: Sure. Try Bistro Verdu in Glendale, which focuses on French and Mediterranean cuisine. It charges a mere $5 for corkage, and its phone number is 818-541-1532.

     For even more eclectic cuisine, try the fusion of Japanese, Italian and French flavors at Restaurant 2117 in West L.A. There, the corkage is $10, as long as the bottle you bring is not on the restaurant’s list. Reservations are available at 310-477-1617.

     And here’s a sleeper if you’re a burger fan: 25 Degrees on Hollywood Boulevard is a fabulous burger joint that charges nothing for corkage. Call 323-785-7244 for directions.

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