Accessories for the Perfect Picnic

    Is there even one square mile of the country that was totally spared from the ravages of winter in late 2008 and early 2009?

     We think not. And as a result, EVERYONE was looking forward to spring. The first time we can get outdoors with a picnic basket and a couple bottles of wine, well… we are so there.

     We’ll leave the food and wine selection to you. After all, the preferences for both are very personal things. But we’ve come up with a few “accessories” that can add to the ambience and enhance the enjoyment of your first picnic of the new year…

     * Steady Sticks. These metal stakes go right into a lawn and provide a stable perch for your wine glasses. About $12.

     * Bite Blocker Herbal Insect Repellent Wipes. The Wet Naps-style wipes repel bugs with organic plant oils. About $7.50 per pack of 15.

     * French Bull Plates and Silverware. The funky patterns stand out, but what’s really cool about the plates and silverware is that they’re made from melamine — which means they won’t break. About $28 per 16-piece set.

     * Paddywax Travel Tin Candles. Add a touch of romance with these scented candles (mango cilantro is our favorite) that burn for up to 15 hours. About $5 each.

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