Historic Winery Embraces the Future

    How does a winery celebrate its 150th anniversary?

     If the winery is Gundlach Bundschu, it installs two solar arrays on its Sonoma estate, one of which is being used to power the estate’s water reclamation system.

     The other array now provides about 60 percent of the winery’s energy needs.

     Gundlach Bundschu President Jeff Bundschu explained the investment this way: “In addition to our existing practices in the vineyard and winery – including eliminating pesticides, using biodiesel, recycling water, reducing packaging and using recycled materials – the solar program is another important step in my family’s goal to become carbon neutral.”

     Eventually, plans call for 100 percent of the winery’s energy to come from solar power.

Posted in Wine and the Environment
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