California Vineyards Earn Sustainability Certification

    Paragon Vineyard and Firespeak Vineyard, both in the Edna Valley on California’s South Central Coast, have earned the Sustainability in Practice Vineyard Certification.

     The vineyards are owned by the Niven family and farmed by their Pacific Vineyard Company, and the certification underscores the family’s commitment to environmental stewardship, economic viability, and equitable treatment of employees.

     A project of the Central Coast Vineyard Team, SIP provides a comprehensive and verifiable method to authenticate a vineyard’s attention to integrated farming practices.

     At almost 1,200 acres between the two vineyards, the Niven family owns the most SIP-certified acreage in the state. Their wines from the 2008 vintage will carry the official seal of certification.

     “This was a rigorous exercise,” notes Erin Amaral, Pest Control Advisor and Viticulturalist for Pacific Vineyard Company. “Practicing and managing the actual techniques that continually foster a better environment for our vineyard business, and people, is certainly rewarding. But I have to admit that keeping up on the documentation and reporting for almost 1,200 acres of vineyard is a bit challenging.”

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