It's a Busy Wine News Week

    It’s a week much like any other week.

     Some sad news.

     Some happy news.

     Some forward-looking news.

     Some reflective news.

     On the sad side, the California wine industry just lost one of its most influential vintners — the man who oversaw all red wine production for Kendall-Jackson. This Wednesday here on, we bid a fond farewell to Chris Johnson.

     On a much happier note, California wine sales actually defied the national economic trends in 2008, and showed a 2% increase in volume. We’ll have that report — which includes a look at specific varieties on the upswing — tomorrow.

     On Thursday, we’ll give you an insider’s look at how America’s largest wine producer views its own products. In a word, it’s all about marketing.

     Also this week, we’ll take you to Peru’s first wine bar, assess this year’s South Africa winegrape harvest, and explain how one Congressman is helping to fight the wine world’s No. 1 enemy: urban sprawl.

     As always, I hope you’ll log on each day this week for your daily dose of wine news from your friends at the wine clubs of Vinesse.

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