A Quatro de Mayo Look at the Week Ahead

    What kind of wine should one serve with Mexican food? Considering this is “Quatro de Mayo,” it’s a question worth considering.

     When is a tax not a tax? When a California Assemblyman calls it something else in an attempt to push it through — a tactic all wine drinkers need to know about.

     Is there a good seafood restaurant in California’s North Coast wine country? You bet. You just need to know where to “go fishing.”

     What does wine smell like? If you were my darling daughter, your answer would be: “Winey.” But there’s a lot more to it than that, and learning how to assess a wine’s aroma enhances the wine-drinking experience.

     What’s new on Mount Veeder? At The Hess Collection winery in that high-altitude Napa Valley location, change is in the air… and in the ground.

     Is there any type of salad that matches well with red wine? The surprising answer is: Yes.

     We’ll sort through all of those questions this week here on VinesseTODAY.com. As always, I hope you’ll check in each morning for your daily dose of wine news and information.

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