Wine World Globetrotting

    Some of the most famous wineries in the world are in the news, and we’ll be telling you about them this week on

     We’ll begin tomorrow about as far away from the United States as one can go: New Zealand. There has been a big shakeup at Cloudy Bay — the estate that made drinking Sauvignon Blanc cool — and we have all the details.

     On Wednesday, we’re back in the States for a visit to a very Tuscan-like castle. There now are more reasons than ever to visit Castello di Amorosa, including a horse-drawn carriage ride “fueled” by gorgeous Clydesdales.

     Our globetrotting continues on Thursday as we circle back to Australia, where Foster’s has put some of its prime vineyard land in that drought-stricken country up for sale.

     On Friday, we’re back in California — specifically, in Sonoma County — for a look at the history and future of Rodney Strong Vineyards — which, incidentally, just unveiled its Summer Concert Series schedule.

     On Saturday, we jet to Italy, where the winemakers are furious over a European Union proposal that would allow rose wines to be made simply by blending red wines and whites.

     And we’ll conclude this week of globetrotting in your backyard with a tasty and easy recipe to kick off the grilling season.

     Grab your passport! We’ll see you in New Zealand tomorrow…

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