Cloudy Bay and Eveline Fraser Part Company

    New Zealand winery Cloudy Bay has restructured its winemaking team, abolishing the position of senior winemaker.

     According to Decanter, senior winemaker Eveline Fraser has been “made redundant,” and other staff winemakers have taken charge of specific varieties as the company searches for an operations winemaker.

     Kevin Judd, who co-founded Cloudy Bay 25 years ago, remains as a consultant. Judd announced in December that he would step down as managing director and chief winemaker.

     Cloudy Bay is part of Estates and Wines, Moet Hennessy’s wine division.

     Nick Lane and Tim Heath are now in charge of winemaking. Lane, who has been at Cloudy Bay for seven years, oversees Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and the management of winemaking environmental issues. Heath, who joined the winery five years ago, is responsible for Cloudy Bay’s famed Sauvignon Blanc, other varietals and Pelorus sparkling wine.

     The person hired as operations winemaker will handle planning, scheduling and operating procedures.

Posted in The Wine Business
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