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Creating a 'Green' Model for Other Wineries

    California’s Parducci Wine Cellars has received the Climate
Champion Award from the California Climate Action Registry, a leading
international thought center addressing climate change issues.

     “Winegrowing begins with the health of the land and its
environment,” says Parducci partner Paul Dolan. “The wine business must
respond to the challenge…

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We'll Catch You Next Week

***image3***     Editor Robert Johnson is taking the day off. His regular Monday “Editor’s Journal” posting will resume next week.

     Meanwhile, be sure to check back here all this week for your daily dose of wine news, including…

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Wine and Alzheimer's Prevention

    QUESTION: I’ve heard about a lot of studies regarding wine and
health. Has a study been done about wine and Alzheimer’s disease?

     ANSWER: According to a study published in the Journal of
Neuroscience, the polyphenols found in red wine and grape seeds may…

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Pairing Wine with Chinese Food

    Vinesse often recommends “Asian fare” in the tasting notes that accompany club wines.

     But even when we narrow the focus to Chinese, Japanese or Thai, we
realize we’re still painting with a rather wide brush. Each type of
cuisine has unique characteristics and variations, and even the type of
spice or sauce used in a “spicy” dish can impact the wine choice.

     Here’s one way of looking at it: In Western cooking, the wine often could be thought of as the “sauce” that goes with…

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