Creating a 'Green' Model for Other Wineries

    California’s Parducci Wine Cellars has received the Climate Champion Award from the California Climate Action Registry, a leading international thought center addressing climate change issues.

     “Winegrowing begins with the health of the land and its environment,” says Parducci partner Paul Dolan. “The wine business must respond to the challenge of global warming by changing our grape growing, winemaking and business practices.”

     Parducci reclaims 100 percent of the water used in the cellars through a system of capturing, cleaning and purifying via an on-site constructed wetland. It makes wine from locally farmed grapes, uses certified sustainable farming practices and utilizes 100 percent green power and earth-friendly packaging.

     “We are creating a model of quality and environmental sustainability for other wineries to follow,” adds partner Tom Thornhill. “Our family winery is doing the right things to create quality wines and a healthier planet.”

Posted in Wine and the Environment
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