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Small Wineries Endangered by IRS Audits

    More than 30 wineries, mostly in Napa and Sonoma counties, have
been targeted in a wave of IRS audits of inventory accounting methods
that have been common in the industry for three decades.

     IRS auditors are claiming that some wineries are defining their
inventory pool “items” under the dollar-value last-in, first-out (LIFO)
cost-flow assumption too broadly, resulting in an inaccurate internal
inflation index for a given vintner and a “distorted” reflection of
income to be taxed, according to a nationally known wine accounting

     “If you have a regular Cab and you have a Reserve Cab with longer aging and more expensive packaging, but you treat…

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Wine Country Welcomes Film Festival

    Filmmakers and musicians from across America and around the globe
have come to Temecula Valley wine country in Southern California every
September since 1995 to participate in the celebration of the two most
influential art forms: film and music.

     More than 700 films from more than 20 countries have been screened since 1995.

     Lifetime and career achievement award honorees include
distinguished film and music icons of past and present such as Dionne
Warwick, Gena Rowlands, Hector Elizondo, Rick Shroeder, Natasha
Hentsridge, Carl Reiner, Karl Malden, Shirley Jones, Ray Charles, Rita
Coolidge, Marsha…

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Chocolate as an Art Form

    The “Chocolate Research Facility” may sound a bit too academic to
be enjoyable… until you realize that you are the one doing the

     The CRF is located in Singapore, which may be home to more foodies
per capita than any other country on the planet. That makes it the
perfect spot for a specialty shop that carries 100 flavors of chocolate

     Just like at ice cream king Baskin Robbins, some of the flavors —
such as Cognac (for the adventurous) and strawberry yogurt (for the
kids) — are on…

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Exploring Some of America's Oldest Vineyards

    People are surprised to learn that New York ranks third among all
states in wine production. It trails California and Washington, but is
ahead of Oregon.

     And New York may finally start getting noticed now that the Hudson
Valley Wine & Grape Association has a “benchmark white” wine to
promote. The organization selected Seyval Blanc – blended with a choice
of Vignoles, Vidal or Cayuga White — for that designation because it
consistently makes a well-balanced and enjoyable wine.

     Seyval Blanc is a French-American hybrid that fares well in the
Hudson Valley’s climate, with good sugar and acid balance. Vintners can
make it in an array of styles, from completely dry to…

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